Spicy Dukkah


Suggestions to enjoy Spicy Dukkah:

  • dip wood-oven bread into good quality oil, then spicy dukkah,
  • coat fish or chicken before baking or BBQ’ing,
  • toss through pan-fried tofu cubes,
  • combine with beaten eggs and milk for exotic french toast or omelettes,
  • sprinkle over boiled free-range eggs,
  • toss over salads for extra taste and protein.

Ingredients include:
SA roasted almonds, hand-roasted coconut, spices & seeds, white pepper.

Spicy Dukkah is:

  • Gluten-free
  • vegan
  • peanut-free*
  • HOT

*We do process peanuts. All products may contain traces of peanuts.